Crime Scene Processing


Training Goals and Objectives

Correctly processing the crime scene is absolutely essential to any Homicide investigation. The techniques used in handling a Homicide Scene are applicable to all crime scenes. The complexities of Homicide cases ensures that those completing this course will be skilled in the managment of any type of crime scene.


This 3-day course is designed to provide the novice homicide detective, and crime scene investigators with guidelines for processing homicide crime scenes.  Included in this course, will be the management of victims, suspects, and motor vehicles associated with an investigation. This class is tailored to provide the investigator with a fundamental, yet necessary understanding of crime scene processing concepts, theories, protocols, and techniques. Training will also include tips on systematic and organized processing methodology that will ensure that all tasks and goals of scene processing are achieved.                 



Course objectives:




Topics Include, but not limited to:




Training Audience, Format and Content

This course is intended for crime scene investigators newly-assigned to homicide duties; however, since the forensic techniques covered will apply to the   processing of all crime scenes (including suicides, shootings, stabbings, batteries, assaults, robberies, burglaries, etc.) all Crime SceneTechnicians and investigators will benefit from this training.

Instruction is provided through lecture, hand-outs, discussion, power point, and case studies. To conclude, the student will have the opportunity to apply what they have learned to a crime scene scenario and group exercise.  

Day One


Day Two



Day Three





Equipment Needed

Although not designed to be a practical course, it will enable students to demonstrate what they have learned through an interactive/joint crime scene exercise. Attendees do not need to bring any equipment other than writing tools and note paper.

Students should be forewarned that the content of this course contains numerous death scene photographs that are highly graphic and intense. Due to the sensitive nature of this material, attendance is restricted to sworn law enforcement personnel, or those directly involved in the criminal justice system.



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