Gang-Related Murder Investigations



Training Goals and Objectives


Gang-related murder investigations are vastly different than any other type of criminal investigation. Investigators assigned to these types of investigations, therefore, require specialized training. The purpose of this course is to provide attendees with the basic investigative tools needed to successfully conduct a proper Violent Gang Investigation. Topics include stabbings, shootings, bludgeonings and robberies. There is heavy emphasis on victim and witness identifications, including how to effectively conduct Show-ups, Photo-Displays, Live (physical) line-ups and in-court IDs. All aspects of the investigative process from beginning to end will be covered. Students are also encouraged to bring any unsolved, complex cases that will be evaluated on the final day of class.



Training Audience, Format and Content



This course is intended for those investigators who are newly assigned as Gang, Homicide, or Crimes Against Persons investigators (or seasoned investigators who desire a new perspective). It is also appropriate for those detectives or uniform personnel who may be required to assist in these types of investigations. Robbery Investigators, Crime-scene Technicians, General Investigators, Military Investigators, and Criminal Analysts, would also benefit from this training.


The course is conducted in 3 day sessions.  Instruction is provided through the use of a PowerPoint presentation that makes liberal use of authentic crime scene photographs. This insures that the topics discussed are portrayed as realistically as possible. Numerous handouts and videos are used as instructional aids.



Daily content and course schedule:


Day 1:




Day 2:




Day 3:


Attendees are encouraged to bring unsolved gang-related cases to this class for discussion and evaluation.



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