“Excellent course. Has to be one of the two best courses I have ever taken in 14 years of Law Enforcement.”

- Sgt. Arthur Knight, Minneapolis Police Department

“Wow! What a good course. Will use this information the rest of my career. All information was relevant and useful.

- Deputy Mark Hekathorn, Jefferson County (Oregon) Sheriff’s Office

“The instructor was very knowledgeable and a very good speaker. This was a very good class for investigators! A must! 

- Officer Bob Stratton, Redmond Police Department

“One of the better courses I’ve been to… truly wet my appetite for homicide investigation. Great overall course.”

- Detective Marshall Henderson, Vancouver Police Department




"The Conducting Robbery Investigations course conducted by Jeff Lewis for the Warrenton Police Department was one of the most comprehensive presentations on robbery investigations available. The training benefited our detectives by pairing real life experiences with investigative practices and technological advances. Comments I received were overwhelmingly positive and Jeff’s knowledge and experience was evident throughout. Training of this caliber and length for the price charged is rare. I highly recommend Jeff as an instructor.”


-Chief Lou Battle, Warrenton (VA) Police Department




"The class was great!"

- Detective Joe McDermott, Stafford County (VA) Sheriff's Office

“I thought this was an excellent introductory course into homicides.”

Detective Roya Mason, Reno Police Department


"An instructor like Tony brings life and energy back to police work.  Thank you for bringing him to us. I came out of the class re-energized"

-Detective James O'Connell, Walpole (MA) Police Department

“Tony was a great instructor, very knowledgeable about homicide investigations. The classroom presentation kept everyone’s attention and was given in a manner that was easily understood.”

- Detective Tim Leak, Deschutes County (Oregon) Sheriff’s Office


Excellent! Great practical course.

-Sgt. Marc Sullivan, Boston Police Department


“Probably one of the most interesting and informative crime scene / crime investigation instructors I’ve heard in my 14 years as a cop.”

- Sgt. Marv Hammersley, Albany Police Department


"It's definitely worth the money to get this type of training."

-Detective Sean Riley, Framingham (MA), Police Department 

Sgt. Monheim’s knowledge and experience made this an awesome class.”

- Officer Shelley Prince, Redmond Police Department 

“One of the best courses I’ve ever attended. The entire department should attend this course. The instructor has lots of experience and was very interesting to listen to.

-Sgt. Steve Boyer, Minneapolis Police Department

“Mr. Monheim is an outstanding instructor. His level of experience is superior. He provided material in an easy to understand format.”

- Deputy John Shippley, Washington County Sheriff’s Office

“The whole course was useful. I came in knowing very little and now feel confident that I can investigate a homicide successfully. I have a much better understanding of what to look for and how to interpret it.”

- Deputy Troy Gotchy, Deschutes County (Oregon) Sheriff’s Office


Tony knows his material inside and out.  This is the finest instructor I have had in my 15 year career.

-Det. Alan Loiselle, Cranston, Rhode Island Police Department

“This was an excellent course and I would recommend it to all new homicide investigators.”

- Detective Cheryl Banks, Hillsboro Police Department 


"Thanks for the excellent course. I found it an outstanding introductory level course towards homicide investigation. Your training session really recharged my batteries towards my current assignment as a criminal investigator."

-Detective Paul Borja, Montgomery County (MD) Sheriff's Office 


"This was the best and most informative training I have been to in 31 years of service."

-Detective Kevin Truehart, Belchertown, (MA), Police Department 

“I have attended other homicide / death investigation courses and this one is far superior.”

- Sgt. Bob Rogers, Tigard (Oregon) Police Department


"Tony has so much experience and it shows.  Even after being on the job for 25 years I picked up a lot of information."

-Detective James Ordway, Natick (MA), Police Department


I really learned a lot about homicides and how to be a better investigator overall.

-Det. Joseph Martin, Swansea Massachusetts PD


The instructor's knowledge of homicide investigation and his passion for the topic made the class.

-Det. Donald Rankin, Groton, Connecticut Police Department


The class was great. I am new to homicide and this was exactly what I was looking for.

-Det. Robert Pieroway, Boston Police Department